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The State of Conflict in the Workplace

Watch this webinar presented by Workplace Peace Institute and Dr. Robyn Short to learn insights from our recent “State of Conflict in the Workplace” survey and how leaders can cultivate conflict competent workplace cultures.

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The State of Conflict in the Workplace
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In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving workplace, conflict is not just a business challenge but a human one too. Workplace conflicts can have profound emotional and psychological impacts on employees, affecting their well-being and job satisfaction. Moreover, they can result in significant costs to organizations. In this webinar, we explore the human consequences of conflict, its financial toll, and why being a conflict-competent leader is more critical than ever.

Learning Objectives

Comprehend the Human Impact of Conflict: Gain insights into how workplace conflicts affect employees on a personal level, including their mental health, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Calculate the Cost of Conflict: Understand the financial and organizational costs associated with unresolved workplace conflicts, including reduced productivity, increased turnover, and potential legal ramifications.

Recognize the Role of Leadership: Appreciate the pivotal role of leaders in fostering a culture of conflict competence and mitigating the adverse effects of workplace conflict.

Learn Conflict Resolution Strategies: Discover practical strategies for managing and resolving conflicts in a way that addresses both the human impact and the financial cost.

Develop Conflict Competence: Understand the key traits and skills that make a conflict-competent leader and how to cultivate these qualities.

Join us for this enlightening webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the human impact of workplace conflict, the financial costs it incurs, and the pivotal role of conflict-competent leaders in shaping a healthier and more productive work environment.

Learning Facilitator

Robyn Short, DLS (she/her) is the founder and CEO of Workplace Peace Institute, an organization development consulting, leadership training, and research firm that brings peace and dignity to the workplace. She also works as a peace-building trainer, mediator, racial equity consultant, and restorative justice facilitator. She is the founder and publisher of GoodMedia Press, an independent book publisher whose mission is to promote peace and social justice through books and other media. Dr. Short is the founder and board chair of the Peace & Conciliation Project, a 501(c)(3) antiracism organization that brings communities together to address and repair the harm of racial injustice. Dr. Short is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in the Master of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution program. She has authored four books on peace building.


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