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Online Leadership Coaching

Actualize Your
Leadership Potential

Leadership coaching is a highly individually tailored practice that involves a close and confidential relationship between the coach and the person being coached.

Your leadership coach will meet one-on-one with you to provide a psychologically safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

How a Leadership Coach Supports Existing and Emerging Leaders

Your coach will help you understand your current competencies, see how these competencies are perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying your current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals.


Drawing on a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates neuroscience, psychology, conflict resolution, dignity and basic human needs theories, your coach will help you recognize behaviors and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you personally and professionally and help you to develop a renewed sense of self that matches your idea of who you want to be, how you want to be perceived, how you want to show up in the workplace, and how you will lead with dignity to support the growth and development of others. 


Leadership Coaching Structure 

To accomplish this, your leadership coach will meet with you at regularly scheduled times for 90-minute sessions. Your coach will assign activities to further your growth between sessions, and will create opportunities for self-reflection.

WPI Leadership Coaches 

Workplace Peace Institute’s team of leadership coaches bring a wide variety of expertise to our coaching clients. You will be matched with a coach based on where you currently are in your career (executive, senior leader, director, or emerging leader), and what your desired outcomes are, along with any additional specificities you may have for your coaching relationship. 

Leadership Coaching with leadership Development 

The WPI Leadership Academy's online leadership coaching and leadership development program prepares leaders to align their behaviors to core basic human needs and core dignity needs. Leadership coaching is especially effective when paired with courses from the WPI Leadership Academy.

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