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Gain Peace of Mind with Peace-Building Experts on Retainer

Elevate Your Business

Gain Peace of Mind with Our Fractional Ombudsman Service for Conflict Intervention

Are workplace conflicts draining your valuable time and resources? Imagine a scenario where disputes are swiftly and effectively resolved, allowing your business to thrive without unnecessary hurdles. Workplace Peace Institute is your partner in maintaining peaceful productivity through our exclusive Fractional Ombudsman Corporate Retainer for Conflict Intervention.


Unlock Seamless Operations

Say goodbye to prolonged disruptions caused by internal conflicts. With our Corporate Conflict Intervention retainer, you secure access to conflict resolution experts who specialize in diffusing even the most complex workplace issues. This translates to uninterrupted workflows, increased employee morale, and enhanced productivity.


Cost-Efficiency Redefined

Count the costs of prolonged legal battles, employee turnover, and decreased output due to conflicts. Our Corporate Conflict Intervention retainer offers a predictable, budget-friendly solution. No hidden fees, no surprises – just efficient conflict management that protects the dignity of your employees and your bottom line.


Tailored to Your Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its challenges. Our Corporate Conflict Intervention retainer services are customizable to align with your company's specific requirements. Whether you need ongoing conflict prevention strategies or rapid intervention when issues arise, we've got you covered. Our retainer program includes conflict coaching, online leadership development, and virtual mediation services.  


Timely Solutions, Every Time

Time is of the essence in conflict resolution. Our retainer ensures you receive prompt attention from our seasoned experts. No more waiting in the queue; we prioritize your concerns and act swiftly to restore peace and dignity to your organization.


Prevent Escalation, Ensure Compliance

Don't let minor disagreements escalate into full-blown disputes. Our conflict intervention experts are well-versed in employee engagement best practices, ensuring that your conflict resolution processes are aligned with ethical standards.

Corporate Retainer for Fractional Ombudsman Fee Structure

On average, employees spend 2.8 hours per week navigating workplace conflict. That amounts to an average of $3000 annually per employee with a calculated hourly rate of $20.60. For companies with at least 100 employees, you may be spending as much as $300,000 in lost productivity alone. That doesn’t count the cost of employee turnover that often results when conflicts persist without resolution. Nor does it include the cost of employee absenteeism due to conflict. Investing in peaceful conflict intervention will save your organization money while increasing morale, job satisfaction, and employee engagement. Each Ombudsman retainer program includes access to conflict coaching, online leadership development, and virtual mediation services. The following monthly pricing is based on a 12-month contract. 

Basic Ombudsman Program
$6,500 per month

20 hours of conflict intervention services per month


Standard Ombudsman  Program

$9,300 per month

30 hours of conflict intervention services per month


Premium Ombudsman Program

$11,800 per month

40 hours of conflict intervention services per month


Premium Plus Ombudsman  Program

$16,500 per month

60 hours of conflict intervention services per month


Customized Conflict Intervention Program

Large organizations may require more than 60 hours of conflict intervention access per month. Please contact us to customize a program to your specific needs. Ready to experience the dignity that comes with a peaceful workplace? Join hands with Workplace Peace Institute and empower your business with our Corporate Retainer for Conflict Intervention services. Embrace efficiency, cut costs, and foster a positive work environment that propels your success. Contact us today to learn more about how our retainer can you reimagine your approach to conflict management. Your journey to a peaceful workplace starts now!

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