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About Workplace
Peace Institute

Create a Workplace Culture Where People and Organizations Thrive 

Workplace Peace Institute is singularly focused on creating workplaces cultures where people thrive. We know that when people thrive, organizations thrive. To thrive in the workplace, all people must experience peace and dignity. Peace is human security and the ability to experience our inherent worth and value as human beings.  


We are on a mission to create highly engaged workplaces where dignity is consistently honored and experienced. We envision a workplace in which people and organizations thrive.


Our Values



We are committed to ensuring all people, especially those who have been historically oppressed, have an equal voice and share equal rights and opportunities in the workplace.



We believe the best ideas, the most innovative creations, and the most thoughtful approaches are multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, gender-inclusive, and include multiple viewpoints.



We seek to understand the needs of all people and to respond with care and compassion.



We are willing to go first, do hard things, speak truth, advocate for justice, and embrace the unknown.



We ask why. We explore new ideas. We embrace science. We delve into philosophy. We love theory. We apply what we have learned.


Workplace Peace Institute Leadership 

Workplace Peace Institute collaborates with a team of corporate culture development consultants, leadership coaches, DEI and racial equity coaches, leadership development trainers, researchers, mediators, and dialogue facilitators to meet our clients' unique needs.


Dr. Robyn Short (she/her/hers)

Founder & CEO

In her role as CEO, Dr. Short is responsibility for ensuring the WPI’s mission, vision, and values are prioritized in all aspects of the business. She serves as lead consultant for all organization development engagements, and she is actively involved in conflict resolution interventions and leadership development engagements. She is the Educational Director for the Leadership Academy. 

Scott A. Mischnick (he/him/his)


In his role as President, Scott is responsible for WPI’s financial growth and oversees daily operations to ensure we deliver the highest quality services to our clients. As a consultant, he is actively involved in conflict resolution interventions and leadership development engagements. 


Leadership Academy Instructors 

Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy instructors bring a collective 100+ years of  experience and numerous academic credentials with most holding a PhD or equivalent to our online leadership development courses and live leadership development workshops.  

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