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Conflict Intervention
& Workplace Mediation

Resolve Conflict Peacefully

Workplace Peace Institute engages exclusively in workplace mediation.

Using a transformative or humanistic approach to mediation, our primary focus is supporting individuals in navigating non-litigated workplace disputes. Our mediators help colleagues navigate conflict peacefully and productively, so they can transcend conflict and build collaborative professional relationships. 


What Is Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a conflict intervention process in which an impartial third party supports  parties in discovering a mutually agreed upon resolution to their workplace conflict. With mediation, parties have equal input into the mediation process and the agreement terms. The mediator facilitates the resolution process and has no authority to impose a settlement  without both parties’ agreement. During mediation all parties are able to exchange information, express desired expectations, and propose solutions for reaching resolution. The mediator facilitates this process by helping the parties communicate effectively. Parties may engage us before or after a lawsuit is filed. All parties must agree to participate in good faith in the mediation process. Mediation can be conducted virtually or in-person.

Workplace Mediation Process 

To engage mediation, the parties will each sign an agreement to mediate. Once all parties have signed the agreement, the mediator will participate in a confidential perspective-gathering conversation with each party. This usually takes between 30 to 90 minutes per party. The purpose of the perspective-gathering conversation is to allow each party to share their insights and perspectives about the conflict with the mediator. This allows each party to be fully heard by the mediator and for the mediator to gain clarity around the positions and underlying interests for each party. After the perspective-gathering conversations are complete, the mediator will schedule the mediated dialogue at a time convenient for all parties. While mediation usually lasts between four to six hours, the parties should plan to clear their schedule for one full day to allow for the mediation process to unfold organically and without urgency. 


Should the parties come to an agreement, the mediator will draft the terms of the agreement and have all parties sign the agreement. Each party receives a copy of the agreement. In a workplace setting, this agreement may be shared with Human Resources or the parties may opt to self-manage. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.    




Workplace Mediators

Workplace Peace Institute’s team of workplace mediators bring a wide variety of expertise to our conflict intervention clients. You will be matched with a mediator whose expertise and professional and lived experiences best align with your organization’s unique conflict needs.  


If you are interested in engaging Workplace Peace Institute for your workplace conflict, please schedule a complimentary consultation to initiate the process

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