Corporate Culture Development

At Workplace Peace Institute, we know that when people thrive, organizations thrive. In this era of unprecedented change and disruption, organizations must prioritize life-affirming workplace cultures that are grounded in human security and dignity in order to attract and retain employees. 


Our approach to corporate culture development is grounded in five key criteria: 


Trust: Trust is the belief that the words and actions of one’s leadership and coworkers will reliably align and that workplace processes will produce results that are in the best interest of the organization’s members, mission and purpose. 


Creativity:  Creativity is a process that begins with a genuine encounter with a business need that involves an intense absorption into an idea, thought, and/or desire.

Employee Contribution: Employee contribution is the ability to share one’s intellectual and emotional resources, skills, and talents in support of an organization’s mission and purpose. 


Environmental Needs: The environmental needs are the external criteria necessary to most effectively connect an organization’s members to their work and to one another in such a way that brings forth their greatest potential. 


Dignity: The ability to experience dignity through feedback mechanisms established by the organization that convey to its members that their individual contributions are valued and that the organization supports the individual in his/her/their personal and professional growth. 


Through our culture and employee engagement audit, we help organizations develop an actionable plan for creating workplace culture where people and business thrive.