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Culture Development

Create a Workplace Culture of Dignity

At Workplace Peace Institute, we know that when people thrive, organizations thrive.

 To attract and retain employees in this era of unprecedented change and disruption, organizations must prioritize life-affirming workplace cultures that are grounded in human security and dignity.  


Our approach to corporate culture development is designed to infuse peace and dignity in the workplace, so organizations become catalysts for the actualization of human potential.

Corporate Culture Approach

Employee Engagement Audit

At Workplace Peace Institute, we take a data-driven approach to culture change and culture development, which is why our approach starts with an employee engagement audit. We implement a quantitative and qualitative research approach to data collection and analysis. Qualitative research relies on data obtained by the researcher from first-hand observation and interviews. This data is coded using a proprietary coding process developed by Workplace Peace Institute. We examine six core criteria of employee engagement and retention, along with other tangible data points that will be customized for each organization. 

Roadmap for Change

To create culture change, organizational leaders need to understand their current paradigm, and identify the paradigm that intend to shift to. A business paradigm is the overarching approach to conducting business that underlies all theories and methodologies that informs the way the organization conducts business, builds culture, and sustains innovation and growth. While organizations are, generally, intentional about how they conduct business, build culture, and sustain innovation and growth, they are generally unaware of the underlying paradigm that informs it. This lack of intentionality at the paradigm level sets into motion an organizational system that serves as a silent engine fueling all other organizational activities. Because it is silent, and leadership at all levels remain unaware of it, the paradigm can be in contradiction to critical aspects of the business it is informing. We support leaders in building a roadmap for change that ensures their organizational paradigm is aligned with a workplace culture that activates the full human potential of their workforce.

Corporate Messaging Alignment

Cultivating a highly engaged workplace in which people and business consistently thrive requires that organizations develop mission, vision, and values statements, along with internal and external stakeholder messaging that make a genuine connection and commitment to human security and dignity. Our culture development services support includes crafting authentic messaging that aligns an organization's unique purpose with core elements of dignity. 


Leadership Development 

To create a workplace culture where all people thrive, organizations need leaders who are culture ambassadors, and who are highly proficient in the dynamics of human behavior. The Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy is designed to prepare leaders at every level of the organization to align their mindset and behaviors to core basic human needs and essential elements of dignity. Our training brings the workplace culture and organizational paradigm into the awareness of the people tasked with activating it.

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