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Workplace Facilitation
Problem-solve with Dignity

Workplace facilitation is a conflict intervention service that is helpful in resolving group conflicts.

Facilitation supports effective team meetings and strategic planning sessions through the use of an impartial third-party facilitator. The facilitator creates a structured process that allows participants equal opportunities to share their concerns and collaborate on constructive approaches to resolution. Like mediation, the facilitator has no authority to impose a settlement without agreement of the group. During facilitation all participants are provided the opportunity to exchange information, express desired expectations and propose solutions for reaching resolution. The facilitator’s role is to support this process by providing a framework for participants to communicate clearly and appropriately.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic planning facilitation is a type of facilitation in which a third-party facilitator supports your team through the process of strategic planning. The facilitator supports the team and planning process by providing a framework for strategic planning, supporting collaborative problem-solving, creating space and process for brainstorming and ideating, supporting the team in navigating difficult conversations, ensuring all voices that need to be heard are heard, and helping the team reach an agreed upon strategic plan. 


Team Retreat & Meetings Facilitation

Bringing in a third-party facilitator to design and facilitate your team retreat and/or team meeting creates the opportunity for all team members and team leadership to be active and engaged participants in the meeting. Your facilitator will work closely with you to design an experience that meets your needs and desired outcome and will design processes to ensure the purpose of the meeting is achieved.




Workplace Peace Institute Facilitators

Workplace Peace Institute’s team of facilitators bring a wide variety of expertise to our conflict intervention clients. You will be matched with a facilitator whose expertise and professional and lived experiences best align with your organization’s unique conflict needs. 

Contact Workplace Peace Institute to engage one of our facilitators for your next meeting. 

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