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Explore our online leadership programs today to create a workplace culture where people thrive. 

Empower Leaders with Educational Resources to Actualize Human
Potential in the Workplace

Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy optimizes competencies in human behavior, communication skills, conflict resolution, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to create highly engaged workplaces where basic human needs and dignity are consistently honored.


Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy exists to support leaders in honoring basic human needs and dignity needs in the workplace, so they can actualize human potential in the workplace.


Professional development designed for HR professionals, executives, leaders and managers.


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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Conflict Resolution









Unlimited Access to Your Course

WPI Leadership Academy gives you unlimited access to your course. You can access your course whenever you want for as long as you want. Course access is not restricted to a three to six month period.


Monthly Live Virtual Learning Sessions

As a Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy student you have access to monthly live virtual learning sessions. These virtual learning sessions are intended to support your on-going professional development and also provide an opportunity for you to collaborate and network with professionals who share your interest in cultivating new paradigm leadership skills.


Community of Practice

Students of the Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy are invited to join the Leadership Academy Community of Practice. This online community is for professionals who share a passion for actualizing human potential through a new paradigm leadership model. The Community of Practice is designed to engage in relationship building, discussion, and activities particularly as it relates to the knowledge, skills, and practices gained in the WPI Leadership Academy.


Mobile-Access to All Content

The mobile app gives students access to online course(s), educational resources, to the live virtual learning sessions and other events, and to the Community of Practice.


Dedicated Engagement Manager

Your course is supported by a Leadership Academy Engagement Manager. The Engagement Manager works with you to ensure you get the most out of your course(s). The Engagement Manager will communicate with you and encourage you as you work through each module and the corresponding activities and help you deepen your learning experience. While the Engagement Manager will reach out to you to support you, you can also reach out to them any time with questions. You will also receive your certificate of completion from the Engagement Manager.



I have seen people blossom on the team and other people around the organization are seeing the work happen, and that it is not fizzling out like some other initiatives. It is making a difference, and people have seen that and it is respected work from the top down.


— Candace Barnes, Sr VP, Human Resources

We offer online asynchronous courses and virtual and in-person synchronous learning. 

Gallup defines employee engagement as the “involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace.” Year over year, Gallup research consistently shows that employee engagement in the United States hovers between 30 and 36 percent. In many U.S. organizations, as much as 70 percent of the workforce is disengaged — they are not involved in or enthusiastic about their work and workplace. From an organizational perspective, this lack of engagement implies an extraordinary waste of organizational productivity. From a human perspective, this implies a stunning waste of human potential. 


Gallup research and Workplace Peace Institute research consistently find that when organizations orient performance management systems around basic human needs and dignity needs, psychological needs such as acceptance, acknowledgment, recognition, fairness, and emotional safety, employees experience more engagement and contribute to the organization at higher levels. This translates directly to increased productivity and improved bottom line profit. We know that organizations are missing opportunities for innovation, organizational growth, and profitability, and individuals are missing opportunities for accessing their potential and are failing to thrive in the individual and collective human experience. Leaders must prioritize basic human needs and dignity needs to meet the challenges of today’s workplace.


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