Create a Workplace Culture Where Everyone Thrives

Workplace Peace Institute is on a mission to create highly engaged workplaces where dignity is consistently honored and experienced. Our corporate culture development services and leadership development and leadership training services support small to mid-sized businesses in optimizing employee engagement, maximizing organizational productivity, and improving profitability by infusing human security and dignity as foundational attributes of their business model. Our vision is a workplace in which people and organizations thrive.


Corporate Culture Development Services

Research shows that when organizations orient performance management systems around basic human needs and dignity needs, employees experience more engagement and contribute to the organization at higher levels. This translates directly to increased productivity and improved bottom line profit. 


Workplace Peace Institute takes a systems approach to organizational development to bring positive peace to the workplace. Positive peace creates the optimum environment for human potential to flourish. And when people thrive, organizations thrive. 


Our approach to corporate culture development includes the creation of an intentional business paradigm. The business paradigm is the overarching approach to conducting business that underlies all theories and methodologies that inform how businesses build culture and sustain innovation and growth. 


Our business paradigm services help organizations identify the paradigm they are currently operating within and design and implement the processes and procedures necessary to develop a paradigm that supports the evolutionary purpose of the organization and its members, harnessing the collective potential that exists within an organization for the benefit of its stakeholders.


Once the organization has fully implemented its new paradigm and the processes and procedures are in place to support it, the next step in corporate culture development is to craft messaging that brings that paradigm to life in the daily operations of the organization. We do this by developing mission, vision, and values that serve as the organization’s north star. And, we develop the internal and market-facing messaging to consistently bring this paradigm to life for both internal and external stakeholders.


Leadership Training and Leadership Development 

Through the Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy, we train leaders at every level of the organization on the skills necessary to sustain positive peace. 


Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy’s online, self-paced, synchronous and asynchronous courses are designed to infuse human security and dignity as foundational attributes of organizational leadership. Our courses support existing and emerging leaders in growing their leadership competencies and skills so they can actualize human potential in the workplace.


We envision a workplace in which people and organizations thrive and where all people can actualize their human potential. 


Our courses bridge scholarly expertise with experiential, brain-based learning in an online, self-paced format with opportunities for live virtual learning and community building designed for today's busy professional. As a student of the Leadership Academy, you will have access to monthly live virtual learning sessions designed to optimize learning and build community with other professionals across the United States and around the world. Leadership Academy students are also invited to join an online community where they can share ideas, network, and collaborate with one another. 


Together, let’s reimagine work!