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Restorative Justice in the Workplace

Watch this webinar to increase your knowledge of the skills and competencies associated with restorative justice in the workplace.

Restorative justice is a process for achieving justice that helps to restore the dignity of all people involved in a wrong-doing and puts into place a framework for all people involved to have the opportunity to share in their mutual human development. Although restorative justice is most often associated with criminal justice as a framework for rethinking crime and punishment, the principles of restorative justice and restorative practices have far-reaching applications, including the workplace. At its core, restorative justice is concerned with the care and respect of humanity. This means that when a wrong or harm has taken place, the respect for all individuals guides the process for making right the wrong.

In this free leadership training session, participants will learn …

  • The foundational principles and goals of restorative justice

  • Why restorative justice is an important conflict resolution mechanism for a modern workplace

  • Ideas for implementing restorative practices to support team-building, relationship-building, conflict management, and even as a knowledge-sharing practice

Watch this webinar to increase your knowledge of the skills and competencies associated with restorative justice in the workplace.

Restorative Justice in the Workplace Learning Facilitator

Restorative Justice in the Workplace with Dr. Robyn Short

Dr. Robyn Short is an organization systems design consultant, leadership development consultant, peace-building trainer, and mediator with expertise in restorative practices and transformative mediation models. Dr. Short works with individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations in discovering the root causes of conflicts, so they may transform their relationships and create new and productive paths forward individually and as teams. She also works with community leaders and political and governmental leaders to develop initiatives for building sustainable peace in areas of historic conflict. In this capacity, she has been featured in news outlets internationally.

Dr. Short is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in the Master of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution program, the Master of Leadership and Negotiation at Bay Path University, and the College of Innovation and Design at Texas A&M Commerce. She holds a Doctor of Liberal Studies degree with a focus in peace studies and systems design. She holds a Master of Art in Dispute Resolution from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University with a focus in 15th century European history. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Auburn University. Her research interests focus on the role of dignity in organizational systems design.

Dr. Short teaches Dignity Intelligence, Restorative Justice in the Workplace, a Paradigm Shift in DEI for the WPI Leadership Academy.


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