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Dignity Intelligence

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Course Description

Dignity Intelligence is a 6-hour online leadership training course consisting of six modules designed to be completed at your own pace over the course of six weeks. This course is ideal for existing leaders, emerging leaders, and all human resource professionals. Dignity is a birthright. All people have dignity, yet we are all vulnerable to being treated as if we do not matter. This experience of disregard wounds something very profound in the human spirit. Understanding the role of dignity in the human experience enables us to sustain healthy and thriving relationships, and it also helps us to repair and rebuild relationships that have been broken because of conflict and illuminate paths to reconciliation. When we honor the dignity of others, we can experience the freedom necessary to invite intimacy and connection and to experience belonging. As humans, we all share a longing for dignity that when experienced and recognized in one another creates a sense of safety for each person, something necessary for growth and human development. Learning Objectives & Outcomes Participants will: Connect dignity intelligence to trustworthiness Learn strategies to support respectful relationships Learn a communication framework that honors dignity.

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