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The Brain in Conflict and Connection

Watch the Brain in Conflict and Connection webinar to learn how our brains react to conflict and how leaders can leverage brain science to create positive connections in the workplace.

Brain in Conflict & Connection Presentation Slides

The Brain in Conflict and Connection Webinar
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Effective leadership requires more than just knowledge and skills; it demands an understanding of the intricate relationship between the human brain, conflict, and connection. Join us for an enlightening webinar where we will delve into the fascinating world of neuroscience to explore how our brains react to conflict and the role of connection in fostering collaboration. This webinar is designed for leaders, managers, and professionals seeking to enhance their leadership abilities through a deeper understanding of the brain's influence on human behavior.

Learning Objectives

Explore the Neuroscience of Conflict: Gain insights into how the brain processes and responds to conflict, including the fight-or-flight response and its impact on decision-making.

Understand the Role of Emotional Intelligence: Learn how emotional intelligence influences conflict resolution and connection-building, and how it can be developed and nurtured.

Discover the Neurobiology of Connection: Explore the brain's role in forming connections, trust, and empathy, and how these qualities contribute to effective leadership.

Apply Brain-Based Strategies: Acquire practical strategies rooted in neuroscience to manage conflicts more effectively and create stronger, more collaborative teams.

Enhance Leadership Skills: Develop leadership skills that leverage the brain's capabilities to foster connection, creativity, and productivity within your organization.

Learn more about the Brain in Conflict & Connection in this online, self-paced leadershio development course.

Brain in Conflict and Connection Learning Facilitator

Robyn Short, DLS (she/her) is the founder and CEO of Workplace Peace Institute, an organization development consulting, leadership training, and research firm that brings peace and dignity to the workplace. She also works as a peace-building trainer, mediator, racial equity consultant, and restorative justice facilitator. She is the founder and publisher of GoodMedia Press, an independent book publisher whose mission is to promote peace and social justice through books and other media. Dr. Short is the founder and board chair of the Peace & Conciliation Project, a 501(c)(3) antiracism organization that brings communities together to address and repair the harm of racial injustice. Dr. Short is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in the Master of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution program. She has authored four books on peace building.


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