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Conflict Dynamics

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Course Description

Conflict Dynamics is a 6-hour course consisting of six modules designed to be completed at your own pace. This course is ideal for existing leaders, emerging leaders, human resource professionals, and anyone interested in developing conflict resolution skills. . Course Description: Workplace conflict has been known to interfere significantly with productivity and morale, and it creates a toxic environment that hinders innovation and decreases positive productivity. This online leadership training course will create awareness about the human and financial costs of workplace conflict and teach participants how to develop a conflict competent approach to leadership. Participants will learn how to deal with highly conflictive personalities, build collaboration, increase emotional intelligence, and communicate in a style that gets results. Learning Objectives & Outcomes Participants will: Develop self-awareness in the area of conflict engagement from a leadership perspective Learn what roles leaders play in conflict and how these roles impact work relationships Learn how to analyze conflict and apply the appropriate interventions Learn the unique dynamics and common contributors of workplace conflict

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Community of Practice

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