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Emerging Leaders

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Course Description

Emerging Leadership is an 8.5 hour course consisting of six modules designed to be completed at your own pace. This course is ideal for new and emerging leaders across all functional areas of the organization, including human resources. The Emerging Leaders course is a foundational course for first-time managers and leaders. This course is designed to empower new and emerging leaders with the knowledge and skills to build well-functioning, higher-performing teams, including learning how to leverage their strengths, establish team objectives, inspire and motivate a cross-generational team, optimize team performance, and provide coaching and feedback that fosters growth. Learning Objectives & Outcomes Participants will: Develop essential leadership skills such as time management and goal-setting Develop personal competencies such as self-awareness, self-regulation, growth mindset, and the ability to pivot to the needs of the situation Develop an understanding of leadership presence and how to communicate with confidence and purpose, as well as how to create psychological safety Be able to successfully implement cross-generational recognition programs Have an understanding of the key criteria for talent management and how to meet the specific professional needs of team members in alignment with organizational goals

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Community of Practice

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