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Leaders as Coaches

Watch this webinar to increase your knowledge of the skills and competencies associated with applying coaching skills to your leadership approach.

Download the Leaders as Coaches presentation slides

Leaders as Coaches Presentation
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We are living in an era of unprecedented disruption and change. Companies are becoming increasingly aware that managers that top-down, command-and-control leadership is no longer a sustainable leadership approach. In an effort to flatten organizations and empower those individuals who are closest to a problem to also be closest to the solution, many organizations are moving toward a coaching model in which the managers’ role is to facilitate problem solving rather than be the problem-solver. In doing so, managers are learning new skills designed to encourage employees’ development by asking questions and offering support and guidance rather than giving orders and making judgments.

In the Leaders as Coaches webinar, you will learn …

● The different types of coaching — directive, non-directive, and situational

● Scenarios for when to step into a manager role and when to step into the role of coach

● How to become more skilled at listening, questioning, and drawing insights from people

In addition to the GROW model presented in the webinar, leaders will also benefit by growing their proficiency in Social & Emotional Intelligence and Dignity Intelligence. Explore more leadership courses here.

Leaders as Coaches Learning Facilitator

Leaders as Coaches, Dara Rossi

Dara Rossi, PhD is a leadership coach that is passionate about the personal and professional development of others. She is certified in EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 to help her clients understand and apply Emotional Intelligence skills and behaviors that support their success and happiness. Dara’s coaching style reflects her belief that everyone can play a little bigger, and she is dedicated to fully understanding her clients, their role, career path, and workplace challenges to help them achieve their goals and realize their full potential. She is an ICF-credentialed coach with an MBA and a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution. In addition to coaching, Dara teaches graduate leadership courses and enjoys facilitating training and development programs.


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