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The Crossroads of Conflict: A Journey into the Heart of Dispute Resolution (Revised, Second Edition) by Kenneth Cloke reveals the hidden dynamics and underlying unity that lie at the heart of conflict resolution. The book reveals the immense creative power of conflict resolution and guides readers toward resolution, transformation, and transcendence through insight, understanding, and practical, replicable techniques.

The Crossroads of Conflict is both a practical guide for anyone seeking to create profound, satisfying, heart-felt conversations with their opponents, and a set of penetrating theoretical reflections and explanations for why conflict resolution has proven so successful in helping people resolve, transform, and transcend their conflicts.

Written for mediators and professional conflict resolvers as well as a general audience, The Crossroads of Conflict provides dozens of specific examples of efforts at resolution, case studies based on real-life conflicts, and hundreds of pragmatic methods and techniques that can be used to resolve a variety of disputes, from family, divorce and workplace disputes to organizational, social, and political conflicts.

The Crossroads of Conflict simultaneously examines the secret sources of conflict, offers innovative practical techniques and strategies, presents examples from conflict resolution sessions where they were successfully and unsuccessfully applied, and presents a theory or hypothesis to explain how these components form part of an integrated whole, and why they are so effective.

This combination of observation, analysis, technique, examples, stories, and theory provides the reader with a broad range of approaches to conflict resolution that emphasize the subtlety and complexity of conflict, including its physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, organizational, social, and political aspects. The Crossroads of Conflict shows readers how to develop techniques that lead to resolution, transformation, and transcendence.

More deeply, The Crossroads of Conflict argues that all conflicts are catalysts for learning, evolution, growth, and wisdom. It shows how to locate the root sources of conflict and remove the barriers to reconciliation, collaboration, and community.

The Crossroads of Conflict

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