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Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Journalling along your own leadership journey supports you in recognizing strengths, opportunities for growth and development, as well as identifying blindspots. Research demonstrates that the best leaders take time to reflect, to explore their unique perspectives and to bring these perspectives into their every day decision-making.


The Reimagine Work Leadership is a 130-page, hard cover notebook that is ideal for leaders who are intentional about bringing new paradigm leadership competencies to their leadership approach. New paradigm leaders focus on the well-being of people and communities in ways that have inherent value. They prioritize service to the organization or community ahead of their own self-interest, mobilizing the collective toward a shared purpose or mission. Tips for supporting your new paradigm leadership journey are offered throughout the pages.


While this journal is suitable for any leader, it is an ideal companion for leaders enrolled in the Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy. 

Reimagine Work Leadership Journal

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