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Data-informed employee engagement strategies

Corporate Culture Development & Employee Engagement Audit

According to the 2021 Gallup report, "The State of the Global Workplace,” only 36% of people polled in the United States reported being highly involved and enthusiastic about the workplace. This means 64% of the American workforce are either watching the clock or actively opposing their employers. 


From an organizational perspective, this lack of engagement indicates an extraordinary waste of organizational productivity. From a human perspective, it means a gross misuse of human potential.


Gallup found that when organizations' performance management systems center on basic human needs, including psychological conditions such as acceptance, acknowledgment, recognition, fairness, and emotional safety, employees experience more engagement and contribute to the organization at higher levels. This commitment translates directly to increased productivity and improved bottom line profit. With a 36 percent employee engagement rate, U.S. companies are missing opportunities for innovation, organizational growth, and profitability.


At Workplace Peace Institute, we support businesses in corporate culture development so they can optimize employee engagement, maximize organizational productivity, and improve profitability by conducting culture and employee engagement audits. Our audit includes employee interviews that can be implemented as a mechanism for strategic culture change, data-informed employee engagement strategies, and strategies for employee retention, as well as in the form of exit interviews. 


We implement a qualitative research approach to data collection and analysis. Qualitative research relies on data obtained by the researcher from first-hand observation and interviews. This data is coded using a proprietary coding process developed by Workplace Peace Institute. We examine six core criteria of employee engagement and retention, along with other tangible data points that will be customized for each organization. 


Clients receive quarterly reports and an annual report with the aggregated and analyzed qualitative and quantitative data with recommendations for building data-informed employee engagement and retentions strategies.

Contact us to learn how an employee engagement audit can help your organization create data-driven employee engagement strategies. 

Download the White Paper : Transform the Great Resignation into the Great Reimagined Workplace

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