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Restorative Justice in the Workplace

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Course Description

This is a 9-hour online leadership training course consisting of seven modules designed to be completed at your own pace over the course of seven weeks. This course is ideal for existing leaders, emerging leaders, human resource professionals, and anyone interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in peaceful approaches to conflict resolution. This course provides an introduction to the principles of restorative practices and their application to the workplace. Learners will explore the needs and roles of key stakeholders to the conflict and the uses of restorative practices to address workplace conflict. This course is designed to build skills in knowledge, analysis, critical thinking, communication, and implementation of restorative practices and principles. Methods of Instruction: The instructor will employ a variety of teaching methods including lecture, written assignments, recommended readings, videos, and recommended group discussions in the Community of Practice. Learning Objectives Demonstrate an understanding of restorative practice concepts, principles, and values Explain the concept, methods, and uses of different restorative practices Identify the personal and organizational changes necessary for implementation of restorative practices Communicate the benefits and applications of restorative practices initiatives with appropriate stakeholders

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Community of Practice

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