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Shift beyond diversity and inclusion. Commit to equity.

Racial Equity Consulting and Corporate Culture Development

Racial equity in the workplace exists when there is equal opportunity and equal access to resources for people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and when there is social equality for people of different races. To achieve this, organizations must go beyond diversity and inclusion programs and introduce antiracism in the workplace. 


Our corporate culture development services include racial equity consulting so organizations can bring antiracism to the workplace. We do this by first conducting an organizational assessment to gain an understanding of the organization’s current racial equity paradigm (see Table below) and then work with them to develop a theory of change, racial equity policy statement, and on-going antiracism education and training programs designed for the specific needs of each organization. 

Antiracism education and training programs provide employees with the knowledge and skills to identify the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism and the communication skills, policy-making acumen, and program development to bring racial equity to the workplace.

We also work with organizations to develop the internal and external messaging that conveys their commitment to racial equity in both the workplace and community.  


Continuum on Becoming an Antiracist Orga
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