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Grow Your Leadership Skills Through Online Leadership Training

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

To better evolve a business, leaders need to become proficient in the dynamics of human behavior.

online leadership training

When people thrive, organizations thrive. Employees are the heart and head of every workplace, but often their potential goes under-developed and, therefore, underutilized. To better evolve a business, leaders need to become proficient in the dynamics of human behavior. Through online leadership training and leadership development, businesses can take the next step in developing their staff and improving their organizational performance.

Where Leadership is Lacking in the Workplace

According to a Future Citizens Skills study performed by McKinsey, they discovered employment was most strongly associated with proficiency in distinct elements of talent “within the self-leadership category, namely ‘adaptability,’ ‘coping with uncertainty,’ ‘synthesizing messages,’ and ‘achievement orientation.’” Unfortunately, their analysis of a questionnaire taken by 18,000 people from 15 countries showed that respondents’ proficiency in communication, planning, and ways of working was lower than average.

These findings suggest that improving these human-centric skills should be paramount in continued professional development. For businesses to succeed, they must have a strong backbone of leadership within the company to guide their progress on both micro and macro levels. Since these human-centric skills are not readily taught through most educational systems, it is to the benefit of a company to provide their employees with access to leadership development through online leadership training courses.

How Online Leadership Training Will Benefit Your Business

Whether an employee is fresh out of school or is a seasoned veteran who has been with the company for years, there is always room for improvement and enhancement of their skills. Through online leadership training, a business and its employees will benefit from the following:

  1. Self-Paced, Flexible Learning - Simply put, employees are busy. While training and development courses will benefit them in the long run, disrupting their typical workflow often produces lackluster results as trainees are stressed about completing projects on time or compare themselves negatively to their classmates. Through online training, trainees can learn the material at their own pace, on their own, and at a suitable time. Whether that is a designated hour at the beginning of the workday or an at-home project, they can schedule their personal and professional commitments accordingly to get the most out of the program.

  2. Higher Retention Rates - Everyone learns differently, and often in-person employee training has limitations on the variety of learnings styles it can appeal to. Through online leadership training, trainees can learn through various resources, syncing better with their unique learning style and resulting in them being able to learn and retain more information long-term.

  3. Interactivity & Gamification - Traditional learning methods of a lecturer and PowerPoint presentations are going out of style. Rather than allowing trainees to disengage and waste resources, online leadership training utilizes interactivity and gamification methods. This method encourages learners to engage with the material through multiple resources and offers incentives for participation. Overall, it creates an enjoyable learning environment.

  4. Access to Online Resources - Remember what it was like to get a stack of papers at the end of a lecture or class to “read through” or “reference” later? Where did they end up? Likely the recycling bin or the bottom of a pile, never to see the light of day again. Online training courses allow learners to access online resources quickly and easily, whether it be videos, reports, graphics, or support from a subject matter expert. This instant access gives trainees the ability to solidify their understanding by asking questions and not having to spend hours trying to find an answer.

Build a Better Business with Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy

Workplace Peace Institute is singularly focused on creating workplace cultures where people thrive. We are here to help your staff grow their future citizen skills and competencies through our online leadership academy. Click here to start your learning journey today.

online leadership training


Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy exists to support leaders in honoring basic human needs and dignity needs in the workplace, so they can actualize human potential in the workplace. The online Leadership Academy optimizes competencies in human behavior, communication skills, conflict resolution, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging to create highly engaged workplaces where basic human needs and dignity are consistently honored. All our courses are offered online and can be customized for in-person workshops and seminars.


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