Sustain peace with leadership intelligence

Leadership Intelligences Leadership Training

Tier One is designed for leaders at all levels of the organizations — from mid-level management to senior leaders and executive leaders. 


This foundational leadership series includes four separate, eight-hour training workshops:

  1. Cultivating Social Intelligence

  2. Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

  3. Cultivating Cultural Intelligence

  4. Cultivating Dignity Intelligence


Workshops should be scheduled with enough time in between sessions so that participants have ample opportunity for practice and individual coaching. 


Leading with dignity requires that individuals understand the dynamics of human behavior — what motivates high performance and, equally important, what de-incentivizes participation and individual and collective contribution in the workplace. 


This multidisciplinary training series draws on the psychology of human behavior, neuroscience, sociology, cultural studies, racial equity, and dignity theory. Participants will gain knowledge in core principles and theory regarding human behavior and will be able to make connections to how this informs workplace contribution.