Empower leaders to become dignity ambassadors

Corporate Culture Development and Leadership Development

Cultivating a highly engaged workplace in which people and business consistently thrives requires that organizations educate and train leaders in the organization to be ambassadors of the workplace culture. The Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy is designed to prepare leaders at every level of the organization to align their mindset and behaviors to core basic human needs and essential elements of dignity. Our training brings the workplace culture and organizational paradigm into the awareness of the people tasked with activating it.


Our corporate culture development services include leadership development and leadership training that connects the mission, vision, values, and messaging to the workplace culture.  The Workplace Peace Institute Leadership Academy provides online (synchronous and asynchronous) training courses to ensure leaders are proficient in the Four Essential Leadership Intelligences, Core Leadership Competencies, Communications Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusions competencies to support a workplace culture of peace and dignity. 


When necessary, we support leaders with leadership coaching to ensure they are fully equipped to be agents of culture change within the organization.