Sustain peace through conflict competent leadership

Conflict Resolution Leadership Training

Tier Three is designed for senior and executive leadership, as well as human resource leaders.  


This advanced leadership series includes four separate workshops. Workshops should be scheduled with enough time in between sessions so that participants have ample opportunity for practice and individual coaching. 


  1. Conflict Dynamics (8-hour training)

  2. Restorative Practices (40-hour training)

  3. Humanistic Mediation (40-hour training)

  4. Advanced Humanistic Mediation (16- hour training)

Sustaining a culture of peace requires that senior and executive leadership, as well as human resource leaders are highly competent in conflict resolution practices that take an interest-based approach to addressing workplace conflict. 


This series is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of conflict — the core causes of conflict and how can leaders support their colleagues in navigating it with integrity and empathy. Participants will learn an approach to addressing workplace harm that allows those involved in the conflict to restore their relationships and design a mutually agreed-upon plan for repairing harm. Participants will also be trained in humanistic mediation — a transformative mediation model designed to restore relationships and transcend conflict. This series is experiential and offers ample opportunities for practice through role plays.