Sustain peace with respectful communication

Communicating with Dignity Leadership Training 

Tier Two is designed for leaders at all levels of the organizations — from mid-level management to senior leaders and executive leaders. 


This intermediate leadership series includes four separate, eight-hour training workshops. Workshops should be scheduled with enough time in between sessions so that participants have ample opportunity for practice and individual coaching. 


  1. Understanding Conflict Styles

  2. Compassionate Communication

  3. Communicating With Dignity and Curiosity 

  4. Engaging in Difficult Conversations


Sustaining a culture of peace requires that leadership across the organization are able to relate with their colleagues in a such a way that meets the individual dignity needs of each individual. This requires developing an understanding of individual conflict styles, developing the nimbleness in thinking to adjust one’s communication approach, and gaining knowledge and skills of proven communication methodologies that invite honesty, empathy, and courage in our workplace communications. 


This series will transform participants’ capacity to engage in challenging, yet crucial, conversations. Participants will gain the skills necessary to engage with colleagues in a manner that nurtures workplace relationships, optimizes understanding, reduces unproductive conflict, and enhances employee engagement.