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The Evolution of Leadership & the Workplace

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Course Description

This course is ideal for existing leaders, emerging leaders, HR professionals, and anyone who is passionate about playing their role in creating a workplace culture where all people thrive. This self-paced course will take up to three and a half hours to complete. We are living in an era of unprecedented change and disruption. From disruptions associated with climate change to political and civil disruptions to the disruptions brought on by a rapidly evolving workforce. To lead in a rapidly evolving, and often disruptive environment, leadership must evolve to meet the needs of an evolving workplace. Today’s leader must be proficient in the dynamics of human behavior — shifting from a traditional approach leadership to a more human-centric model of leadership. In this three-hour, online, self-paced course, Dr. Robyn Short presents new skills and competencies leaders must adopt to meet the demands of a modern workforce. Course participants will learn: 1. How to center basic human needs and dignity needs in a leadership approach 2. Core competencies for leading in this era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) 3. How to create a human-centric workplace culture Dr. Short engages learners with multidisciplinary research, effective strategies for growing as leaders in a modern workplace, and storytelling. Her friendly, down-to-earth approach allows participants to lean into the subject matter and learn from a place of joy and connection.

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